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How To Cut Down On My Monthly Expenditure

Since the recession lots of people have had to cut back on their spending habits. This means no more luxuries, no more meals out, and no more indulgent treats. However, it also means that some people are struggling to pay the more basic things in everyday life, like the food bill or the electric bill.

Here are some tips to cutting down your monthly expenditure

  • Review all of your outgoings and make notes of anything that you really could reduce the payment on. Example, if you have a mobile phone contract, then you may want to call the phone company and see if you can negotiate a slightly cheaper rate. This may only be five pounds per month, but this is five pound more than you did have originally.
  • Keep spreadsheet which you continuously update. Make sure that you have an active database or spreadsheet available at home which you can continuously update when required. This allows you to track what is coming into your house and what is going out, and any flaws in your system.
  • The next thing that you should do is consider the larger payments on your account. The largest payment is probably your rent or mortgage payment, which you may not be able to negotiate. Of course, you could always try! After this you need to look at the other continuous monthly payments, like your electric, gas, and your water bill. Prices on utilities have been rising every single year, and utility companies do not negotiate their costs with most of their customers. However, there may be something you can do about your gas or electric. If you do not have double glazing windows in your property, you should think in investing in them now will stop you could use your savings money to invest in double glazing windows which will ensure that far less heat escapes from your property, which means that your energy bills considerably less every single month. The initial offset of payments will be regained tenfold over the many years that you enjoy double glazing in your property.
  • Tudor Glass is a company working on double glazing in Crewe and other areas of the UK. They specialise in designing and installing secure, energy-efficient and cost-effective window glazing solutions for any style property. By investing in double glazing, you can save yourself on your monthly expenditure in the long run.

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