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Buying a new house - what are the additional costs?

If you have just purchased or are thinking about purchasing a new house, then you're probably doing your sums in concern with the additional costs that you need to think about for the move. Here are just a few items that you might not have thought about;

1. Legal fees. To help the contracts and exchange and completion of the house sale, you need to use a conveyance solicitor. Their fees vary dramatically, so make sure that you get a few quotes before you decide on one lawyer. You must remember to pay the cost of the solicitor, as they will want their fees from you very quickly after the sale of your house.

2. Curtains and carpets. Look carefully into the fixtures and fittings list of the new house. Often the current house owner will take many of the carpets and curtains with them. Although you might not think that this makes sense as the curtains and carpets are specifically fitted to your home, it is their choice to take these items and you might be left wanting to get all of these items replaced. Curtains and carpets can cost a lot of money, so make sure you do your sums beforehand and measure the rooms to see which curtains and carpets you will need to purchase.

3. Loft insulation. You might want to think about getting your loft insulated and this can be a very energy-efficient way of saving money in your new house. Loft insulation does not cost a great deal of money, but you should factor this into your sums.

4. Window replacement. Tudor Glass near Crewe can help you with your window replacement. If the windows on your new house are cracked, old or useless, they should be your first port of call. Old windows can be replaced with energy-efficient double glazed windows which other premium security and comfort for your home. What's more, Tudor Glass can offer you cost-effective prices for your window replacements. You might want to factor this into the cost of buying your new house, but also remember that replacing the windows will add value to your property immediately.

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