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Rain seeping into the house - how to protect your property

If your property has been impacted by the latest lot of extreme rain and stormy conditions throughout the UK, then you're probably thinking about how to protect your property from any future disturbances.

Protecting your house is important; you need to do everything you can to keep your asset as safe as possible. We cannot control what the weather is doing, and if you live near a river bank then you cannot control if its banks break. However, there are things you can do to help keep your property as dry and as safe as possible, even if the worst should happen;

1. have sand bags ready. Make sure that you stock up on sand bags and keep these in your property or in an out building, such as a shed or garage just in case you need them. Sand bags allow you to soak up a lot of moisture which might seep into your property. If you notice that the rain is continuously building up on the pavement outside, you might think about moving the sand bags to your doorstep so that you can protect the front door.

2. Bricks. Make sure you also have a supply of bricks ready, so that if excess water does come in to your house, you can raise the furniture on the bricks as much as possible to keep it dry and safe.

3. Check the tiles on your roof - and the gutters. Dodgy tiles and poorly fitted guttering is not a good way of keeping your house safe during excessive rain. Make sure that when you do get a dry patch, you get a professional to clear all of the guttering so that the pipes can flow freely, and the tiles on your roof are also fitted securely.

4. Window replacement. Staffordshire based business Tudor Glass understand the importance of keeping your property as safe and dry as possible. By making sure that you have strong windows, you can be sure that none of the rain seeps through any cracks or drafts. If you have older windows fitted in your property, they might not be up to hold up with the excessive rain and demand that the British weather puts on the frames. The glass could easily shatter, leaving your property with a security threat as well.

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